Some of our victims final words…

We got the VIP this year, well worth the price! We'll be back next year! Loved every minute of it! Great job everyone!
Stacey Wick Avatar
Stacey Wick
Great job and awesome experience....the kids were screaming!!!
Buddy Brown
I went to the haunt with my wife and two daughters. The 11 year old was apprehensive at first but powered through. The 14 year old was super excited the whole time. My wife and I both admit to screaming at least once... After it was over, my kids kept saying they can't wait to do it again next year! Great scares, great props, and well designed maze inside the building. The popcorn and hayride made it even better. Well done!!
Sean C
The Haunt was super scary, but we had a lot of kids, ages 10-15. None of them were so scared that we had to back out. The hayride was fun, and it felt like a great Halloween experience.
Robin Craig
The entire experience from start to finish was scary good fun! Our group ranged in age from 10-50 and we all had an amazing time! From the wagon ride up until our last jump scare before the exit, we were enthralled. Very imaginative and well done.
Kelly Stringer
This is by far the best attraction around this area. I always enjoy coming. If I don't make it anywhere else we always make it to this one.
Rebecca Weber
If you have friends that are scared of anything & everything... Take them to The Haunt at Camp Mountain Run... chainsaws, clowns, ghosts, goblins, and haunted location... Hayride from parking lot to attraction super cool!
Scared E Katt
This is the best haunted house that I have been through!
This was amazing, a little loud but very scary, Definitely worth $12. The characters outside were a little cringe though lol
Eli McEwen Avatar
Eli McEwen
Very scary! Had a great time! Just wish it was longer.
Karen Haught Avatar
Karen Haught
positive review 
This was awesome! So good that one of our group refused to even get on the wagon to go up to the event!! 🤣
Sherrie Park Kahle Avatar
Sherrie Park Kahle
positive review 
Was great and look forward to next year!
Paula Morgan Avatar
Paula Morgan
This was well worth going and will absolutely be going again next year!! Much more exciting than I thought it would be….we had a great time!!!
The wait was not long at all the tractor ride was fun and it was pretty scary
Was so spooky and great actors, would recommend
I went last Friday and it was pretty fun, a few parts of it looked really cool, the hay ride up to the haunted house was a good idea. I would recommend going
Serena Aleprete
I really enjoyed this haunted house. It is family friendly and a really fun experience.
I almost peed myself I was so scared 🙁
It was very scary I definitely approve for something to do on a Saturday night
So many monsters. Tractor ride and chainsaw guys really get you. I really liked the zombie cage and girl in the floating bed. Best haunted house in this part of the state by far!
I cried so much i was shaking and sobbing and throwing up
Ummm mr.creighton was scary and it was good and fun honestly.
Paityn v
definitely worth it
Scariest one yet!
I have a small group of friends that travel the country every fall on our own personal haunt tour. We try to hit all the big name majors like Netherworld, Dark Hour, The Darkness, Dent Schoolhouse, Scarehouse, Field of Screams, Phobius, etc. In between we try to hit as many local haunts as possible. With the exception of those super commercial type haunts, this might have been the best haunted house I have ever been to over the past 25 years.

For a low budget, volunteer run haunt it was quite impressive. The actors were legit. The scenes and rooms were well put together. The use of lighting and fog was very professional. Most of all, the scares were on point and well conceived.

I cannot say enough good things about this place. Best of all, the profits all benefit the local Boy Scouts.

If you live in Pennsylvania and you have not visited “The Haunt at Camp Mountain Run”, you need to put it on the top of your list for Halloween 2021.
Thomas Barnes
This was definitely the scariest one around! We traveled an hour away to a big one that wasn’t near as scary as this. There were sooo many scarers in there and jump scares…I had no voice afterwards. We laughed at each other so much because it was impossible not to scream. I ended up there a second time on 10/31 because of knowing some of the scarers that night and it was just as scarey even knowing what was to come! Highly recommend.
Dana Johnson
it was pretty good, just a cold wait but it was definitely worth it
It was really fun and scary we had lots of fun and lots of screams.
Brooke Miles